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…Never For Me

…silent thoughts mostly scream the most

Am I that selfish if I want to keep you?If I want to hold you even if you don’t want too? If I want to understand you even others don’t seem too? If I want to love you even if you don’t love me too?

You always like that. You always like a morning sun to brightens up her day.Like a star that lead her way.You always lightens her mood when she’s so sad.You always understand her when she’s so mad.

Thats the thing why I love you. Why all this time I want just you. Not the way you look but they way you always there to carry her books. Not because how you dress but because you save her through those times her life was so mess.

…How you love her makes me love you even more. How the way you always open her door. How you wipe her tears.How you hug her amidst of fears.

Maybe one day I will meet a person just like you.A man who would go through hell just to save me, like you always do.Because now I don’t want those smile vanish and flee.

Even if it was… Never for me

…She Was Me

She was afraid to be weak and feel hopeless so she always show this kind of braveness. She was afraid to stumble and fall so she managed to stand up and smile.

She always had this laugh but I know those laugh don’t reach her eyes.She try to show complete cause deep inside she know the feeling of being fall to pieces.

She thinks its better to be silent even though those thoughts wants to break out her mind. She always find a way to fix their broken hearts even though she herself can’t fix some of her broken parts. She let people think that she’s ok but she knows shes not.

She’s always like that..

She cared to much to the point that she forgot to love herself. She choose others happiness despites of hers. She always show what she only whats to show and limit herself.

She’s too fake.

…Too fake that she forgot that she’s drowning too

So I want to break those armor of braveness. I want to say its ok not to be ok. I want to say that’s enough, you’ve done enough so please love yourself. I want to let you feel whats the feeling of being cared and loved. I want to let you see that they’re many people who are willing to hug you when your afraid. Who’s always there to catch when you fall.

I wan’t to show that that’s life its part of being alive.

Cause baby i have the keys and I want to unlock you …cause I know those chains are the reason why you feel suffocated and imprisoned.

I want to pull you up and let you BREATHE.

…When life gets hard only yourself can help you …And thats my story. Because She was Me